WordPress plug-in: Post Thesaurus

Over the past few days I’ve been working on a new WordPress plug-in, one that I personally have desperately needed recently. It’s called ‘Post Thesaurus’ and it does exactly what you’d expect it to do. It creates a little widget on the side of the ‘Add new post’ page which you can use to suggest new words of the same meaning.

After finding I use the word ‘great’ a little too much, I thought it was about time to do something about it. Here are a few screenshots of the plug-in in action:

Post Thesaurus before I've searched for a set of words.

Notice the widget in the top right corner.

Post Thesaurus after I've completed a word search

The widget has completed a search and populated the results panel.

Big thank you to Big Huge Labs for providing the excellent API. I’ve included an admin page with a few settings (under ‘settings’). One feature to note is the ability to enter your own API key. I’ve added this just in case the plug-in starts exceeding the 10,000 requests per day a single API key is allowed. Sign up is simple and only takes a couple of minutes, then you’ll have 10,000 requests per day all to yourself.

I’ve implemented the API using a little jQuery Ajax goodness and some JSONP. Since jQuery is used by the WordPress admin by default, there’s no additional overhead in having to add it manually.

Grab the plug-in off the WordPress site here, or you can download the zip from my site here (Version

Hope you find it useful, any feature requests or bugs leave a comment below.

Gary Lee Galbusera Butcher on April 14 10 / 103 Permalink

Cool plugin… having a thesaurus in the editing page really saves time and effort by not switching between different tabs. Many thanks. Gary.

Matt on April 14 10 / 103 Permalink

Glad you like it Gary, I enjoyed putting it together, thanks!

Werner on May 13 10 / 132 Permalink

Hi, that’s it what i’m looking for. But i need german language. Is there any way to change from bighugelabs.com to openthesaurus.de ?
They have allways an API. I’m not a programmer ! :-(
Here is the link: http://www.openthesaurus.de/about/api

cu Werner

Matt on May 13 10 / 132 Permalink

Hi Werner,
I never even thought of multi-language. I’ll take a look at the API and see what i can do. It could be a case of creating a separate plug-in for each language rather than have them all in one. Thanks for pointing it out!

HARI on December 19 10 / 352 Permalink

is that correct spelling ?

Matt on December 19 10 / 352 Permalink

Hah, errr no it isn’t is it. Oops!

Thanks for pointing that out Hari, I’ll fix that and update :)

Sascha on February 10 11 / 40 Permalink

Hi Matt, I agree with Werner, a German version would be exactly what I was looking for! Did you had the the time to check the API for openthesaurus.de? Regards Sascha

Matt on February 10 11 / 40 Permalink

Hi Sascha,

Yes I did have a look at the time but the openthesaurus API was returning some very odd XML that was breaking things, so I stopped working on it. I will look again to see if the API has been updated. If so I’m happy to create a German version.

Tanguy on October 20 11 / 292 Permalink

Hi, I tried the plugin post-thesaurus on my wordpress 3.2.1,
but when I activate the plugin I’m getting this error in DEBUG mode :

Notice: has_cap est appelé avec un argument qui est déprécié depuis la version 2.0 ! L’utilisation des niveaux d’utilisateur par les extensions et thèmes est désormais interdite. Utiliser les rôles et capacités à la place. in /home/ftp/tanguy/www/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3466

Could you please have some look ? thank you very much !! :)

Matt on October 24 11 / 296 Permalink

Hi Tanguy,

Hmm that is very strange. I’m running 3.2.1 here and it works fine. Could it be that you aren’t an Administrator for the blog? I’ve only ever tested as an admin user. Or maybe a strange server setup.

I will try and take a look at it when I get a spare few minutes. Thanks for letting me know!

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