Frontend Fuel - Issue 1


Wordpress are to stop using React in future versions due to Facebook’s patent clause.

Advertisers don’t like the new cookie blocking built into Safari.

January 2018, Chrome 64 will will no longer auto-play content with sound.

General Reading

Combine Flexbox and CSS Grid layout for efficient layouts and maximum Front-end points.

Excellent article around building sites with performance in-mind, and a whole heap of things to consider when doing so.

Comparison of Angular, React and the new kid on the block, Vue.js.


Vue.js crash course in 60 mins.

In-depth look at JavaScript and how to handle certain memory leaks.

Presentations & Podcasts

Whats new in Chrome 61? JavaScript modules, WebUSB API and more!

A community celebration of JavaScript and the web (podcast).


Want to know what changing that CSS property triggers in the browser? There’s a website for that.


If you are a fan of Kurzgesagt videos, here’s their start scene recreated using canvas.


Software Craftsmanship London - 5–6 October 2017

HalfStack 2017 - 17 November 2017

SmashingConf London - 7–8 February 2018


If you have an interest in computer graphics and fractals, there’s a whole heap of resources here.

The Nasa Cassini mission came to an end this week, here’s an incredible ebook with lots of images and pictures about what it discovered.