Frontend Fuel - Issue 10


Big month for PWA’s and Service workers as they land in macOS Safari and iOS Safari.

The feature set of ECMAScript 2018 was finalized during the latest TC39 meeting.

Google Chrome is to implement image lazy loading natively in the browser. It is called Blink LazyLoad.!msg/blink-dev/czmmZUd4Vww/1-H6j-zdAwAJ

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 is now a Candidate Recommendation (CR).

General Reading

How HTML elements are supported by screen readers (WIP, JAWS only at the moment).

New book by Kyle Simpson, a balanced, pragmatic look at Functional Programming in JavaScript.

An explanation of what is new in HTML 5.2.

Excellent short guide to Webfonts and some of the advanced features available.

Jeremy Keith raises some interesting points around GDPR and Google Analytics.

Follow up article to the scary “I’m stealing your CC details” article from last month.


Interested in hacking? Hacker101 is a free class for web security.

An interesting explanation of JavaScript Promises.

A topic that always seems to pop up in x-gov Slack: phone number links and accessibility.


Whats new in Chrome 64 [3mins 30]

Whats new in Chrome 64 DevTools [3mins 30]

Front End Center — Why Inline SVG is Best SVG [16min 14]


CSS Gridish: An Open Source Tool to Help Your Team Adapt CSS Grid Today


JS1k has started again with yet more amazing demos being created in 1K.


SmashingConf / Feb 7th - 8th / London

London Accessibility Meetup #11 / Feb 12th / London

UpFront Conf 2018 / March 16th / Manchester

CityJSConf / March 26th / London

DeltaV Conference / May 10th - 11th / London


Why is Japanese web design so different to the western web design?

Did you know you can use Excel to create HDR photographic images? Apparently so!

You would not believe the amount of engineering and physics involved in the drinking bird toy.