Frontend Fuel - Issue 11


Progressive web apps landed in Edge!

Chrome 68 (July) will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure”.

Love it or hate it, Google is adding AMP support to emails.

Chrome enabled Ad-blocking last week, here’s how it works.

React Native switches from a BSD to a MIT licence.

General Reading

Babel 7.0 is coming soon, here’s what new!

List of API’s available when you are developing your Web app or site (warning: there are quite a few!)

CSS Grid is not only good for traditional layouts, it is also good for UI’s.


Modern CSS explained for dinosaurs.

HTTPS explained with carrier pigeons.

Harvard course on Web Programming with Python and JavaScript.

Replacing jQuery With Vue.js.


Jake Archibald: In The Loop (Event loop) [35mins].


Font Awesome have started offering a free version.


UpFront Conf 2018 / March 16th / Manchester

CityJSConf / March 26th / London

DeltaV Conference / May 10th - 11th / London

Libraries & Plugins

Opentype.js is an OpenType and TrueType font parser and writer.

A responsive, customizable, accessible replacement for JavaScript’s popup boxes.


Did you know you can type “badidea” in the browser window to bypass warning messages in Chrome?

How Gamers Killed Ultima Online’s Virtual Ecology.

3D engine entirely made of MS Excel formulae (!)