Frontend Fuel - Issue 14


Mozilla have released an extension that allows you to take control of how Facebook is tracking you.

Sensor APIs are now W3C Candidate Recommendations, including Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Orientation Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor.

Slightly older news but everyone can now run JavaScript on Cloudflare with Workers.

MDN is bringing interactive examples to their web docs.

General Reading

Interesting article on using viewport based units for typography sizing.

Excellent guide on how the new CSS display: contents; works.

A topic that was mentioned multiple times at RenderConf this year: Say Hello to Houdini and the CSS Paint API.

Long article on how adopted CSS Grid at scale for their new redesign.


Machine Learning Tutorial for Beginners - using JavaScript!

Learn the (very) basics of JavaScript in 14 mins.

Creating Accessible HTML: A Crash Course in ARIA Landmark Regions

Ten part series on Ramda: A Functional Programming Library for JavaScript

CSS now has a proper object-based API for working with values in JavaScript, here’s how to use it.


Solar System Explorer using only CSS.


DeltaV Conference / May 10th - 11th / London.

UX London / May 23rd - 25th / London.

Pixel Pioneers / June 8th / Bristol

London Tech Week 2018 / June 11th - 17th / London.

UX Scotland 2018 / June 13th - 15th / Edinburgh.

Scotland JS 2018 / July 19th - 20th / Edinburgh.

Libraries & Plugins

Light-weight, no-dependency, vanilla JavaScript engine to drive user’s focus across the page.

d3.js hits version 5.0, here are the changes.


This man uses Microsoft Excel to paint pictures. He’s made some incredible works of art.