Frontend Fuel - Issue 15


Firefox nightly has received a new tool, the Accessibility Inspector. Inspect your website’s exposure to assistive technologies.

Mozilla, Microsoft and Google back a new W3C API called Web Authentication (WebAuthn). WebAuthn specifications:

General Reading

Security and Performance Benefit from the rel=”no opener”.

Short article on how to avoid some of the bad parts of CSS.

TC39 proposal for a new static method for transforming a list of key-value pairs into an object.

Tips for using ESLint with a legacy codebase.

The 2018 Frontend handbook has been released with everything you need to be a Frontend developer.


Interesting Inclusive Components on Data Tables.

Optimising the critical path and improving load times using DevTools.


My favourite talk from RenderConf 2018: FaCSSt—CSS and Performance - Harry Roberts [30mins]

Stunning data visualisations presentation from RenderConf: A year of exotic data visualizations - Nadieh Bremer [42 mins]

Playlist of all the talks from RenderConf 2018:


A command line tool to measure the efficiency of your responsive image markup across viewport sizes and device pixel ratios.


Interactive demo of how the float positioning algorithm works in browsers.


London Accessibility Meetup #13 / April 23rd / London.

DeltaV Conference / May 10th - 11th / London.

UX London / May 23rd - 25th / London.

Pixel Pioneers / June 8th / Bristol

London Tech Week 2018 / June 11th - 17th / London.

UX Scotland 2018 / June 13th - 15th / Edinburgh.

Scotland JS 2018 / July 19th - 20th / Edinburgh.

Libraries & Plugins

TypeScript 2.8 has been released.


Take a virtual tour of the Moon in 4K resolution, thanks to data provided by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft.