Frontend Fuel - Issue 17


Mozilla have commissioned an internet health report to try and explain what is helping and hurting the web in 2018.

HSBC, Metro Bank and Halifax made a major error when releasing the latest version of their websites. Lack of a11y testing.

A point release this week for SublimeText.

General Reading

Lets talk about web workers. A JavaScript program running on a different thread, in parallel with main thread.

Service workers and push notifications enabled by default in the latest version of Edge which is out soon.

All about CSS Grid and how the CSS Grid Level 2 specification could bring sub-grid to browsers.

Display: Contents Is Not a CSS Reset and using it as such is dangerous for accessibility.

Everything you always wanted to know about implementing scrolling but were afraid to ask.


Type=”number” isn’t appropriate for all numbers, so the inputmode attribute steps in to save the day.

Need to create a print stylesheet in 2018? Here’s everything you need to know!

There’s so much to DevTools if you hunt around the UI. Here’s an article on how to debug animations.


It’s My (Third) Party, and I’ll Cry if I Want To.The slides from Harry Roberts new talk he gave yesterday at DeltaV conference.


Recreating the iconic Star Wars intro using web technologies.

Incredibly detailed “painting” drawn using only CSS.


London Accessibility Meetup #14 / May 17 / London

UX London / May 23rd - 25th / London.

Pixel Pioneers / June 8th / Bristol

London Tech Week 2018 / June 11th - 17th / London.

UX Scotland 2018 / June 13th - 15th / Edinburgh.

Scotland JS 2018 / July 19th - 20th / Edinburgh.


The number of permutations you can have with a simple pack of playing cards is astronomically huge (52!). It’s impossible for our brains conceive just how huge that number is, but this article takes a stab at it.