Frontend Fuel - Issue 19


Last week we updated the Service Manual guidance around IE8-10. Read all about it here.

What’s new in Firefox 61? The new accessibility inspector looks very useful.

Very interesting article and research by npm on how JavaScript is used across industries.

General Reading

How you can improve your workflow using the JavaScript console.

Assessing Loading Performance in Real Life with Navigation and Resource Timing.

Feature policy API: selectively enable, disable, or modify the behaviour browser features and APIs within an application.

The placeholder attribute contains a surprising amount of issues that prevent it from delivering on what it promises.


A (very) brief guide to accessibility and Firefox’s new accessibility inspector

How and Why We Unit Test Our Sass

BEM For Beginners: Why You Need BEM


JavaScript Engines: The Good Parts™ - Mathias Bynens & Benedikt Meurer - JSConf EU 2018 [23 mins] Related article here:

The Cost Of JavaScript - Addy Osmani - Fluent 2018 [20 mins]

Where is CSS4? When is it coming out? - Jen Simmons [7 mins]

Golden Rules of Typography on the Web - Richard Rutter, Clearleft


Start your Monday by feeling nostalgic on how the web used to be with this on-line tool.

A macOS app for quick access to WCAG color contrast ratios.


A web component for drawing patterns with CSS.


7th Cross-government accessibility meet up / July 9th / London.

FullStack 2018 / July 11th - 13th / London.

UX Bristol / July 13th / Bristol.

Scotland JS 2018 / July 19th - 20th / Edinburgh.

InteractConf / October 17th / London.


A boy in the US ate “Gummy Vitamins” thinking they were sweets over a number of months. Bad things happened. Remember not to exceed the RDA!