Frontend Fuel - Issue 20


An npm module called eslint-scope was compromised last week, here’s the issue on Github.

Here’s the followup incident report from npm around eslint-scope.

CSS-nesting proposal issue raised in csswg-drafts on GitHub. Warning, long thread!

Chrome 67 on desktop has a new feature called Site Isolation enabled by default.

General Reading

Seven easy-to-implement guidelines to design a more accessible web.

Pixels vs. Ems: Users DO Change Font Size.

What is the CSS ‘ch’ Unit?

Introduction to the CSS Paint API.

The Page Visibility API provides events you can watch for to know when a document becomes visible or hidden.


There are a number of different ways you can fit text to a container.

Introduction to Node.js for Frontend developers.

Audit your sites performance using the Firefox Developer tools.


Start creating your own CSS Grid Layouts simply and easily with this magic tool.


The div that looks different in every browser!


Scotland JS 2018 / July 19th - 20th / Edinburgh.

State of the Browser / September 8th / London.

InteractConf / October 17th / London.

FFConf / November 8 & 9th / Brighton.

You Got This! / January 19th 2019 / London.

Libraries & Plugins

Announcing TypeScript 3.0 RC.


Fascinating engineering facts about the RMS Titanic. Highly recommend subscribing to this channel, all the videos are fantastic.