Frontend Fuel - Issue 21


With the release of Chrome 68 to the stable channel pages using the HTTP protocol will be marked as insecure.

With the new release of Chrome 68 here are some key features developers should know.

General Reading

Optimizing CSS: ID Selectors And Other Myths.

Ask HN: What you wish you’d known before getting into JavaScript?

Badging API: A new proposal to allow PWA’s to show cross platform activity messages controlled by the Web App Manifest.

MySpace and the Coding Legacy it Left Behind.

Pinterest look back at 1 year of being a PWA.

How to use a Service Worker to improve page performance.


The BBC have written a guide on how to design animated images that are safe and accessible for all.


How to Survive the Single Page App-ocalypse - Jim Newbery [13 mins]

The Art of Giving and Receiving Code Reviews Gracefully - Alexandra Hill [10 mins]

Who Destroyed Three Mile Island? - Nickolas Means [Off-topic but very interesting talk] [37 mins]

9 Biggest Mistakes with CSS Grid [14 mins]


Scott and Wes talk about design systems [56 mins].


An interactive CSS Gradient tool for all your gradient needs.


State of the Browser / September 8th / London.

InteractConf / October 17th / London.

View Source Conference / 26th October / London.

FFConf / November 8 & 9th / Brighton.

You Got This! / January 19th 2019 / London.


Ever wondered what would happen if you detonated the “Tsar Bomba” in the Marianas Trench? Well thanks to Kurzgesagt (fantastic YouTube channel) now you know!