Frontend Fuel - Issue 22


Let’s Encrypt root certificates now trusted by all major root programmes.

Fuel some creative coding by seeing if you can create a game with a 13k limit.

Chrome 69 hits the beta channel and comes with a whole host of new features

General Reading

Addy Osmani on the cost of serving JavaScript to users in 2018.

It is amazing what one line of poor performant JavaScript can have on your users. The FT team give a walk through of the issue and the fix.

Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings.

Why website body text should be bigger, and ways to optimize it.

The Beacon API is a lightweight and efficient way to log information from a web page back to a server.

Resource lists

A whole lot of Web Typography resources listed in one place.

A list of collected and curated Node.js security best practices.


Building Interactive Bar Charts with JavaScript using D3.js

Six common git mistakes and how to solve them.

Working with viewport units on mobile devices.

Handy illustrated guide to Flexbox.


Performance techniques using new Web APIs


Mr Doob demoing some WebVR/WebXR support in three.js.

It is impressive what you can achieve with a canvas element and 140 characters of JavaScript.


London Accessibility Meetup #17 / August 23rd / London.

State of the Browser / September 8th / London.

InteractConf / October 17th / London.

View Source Conference / 26th October / London.

FFConf / November 8 & 9th / Brighton.

You Got This! / January 19th 2019 / London.

Libraries & Plugins

A JavaScript library stores the form-data to the localstorage so you don’t have to fill the form again.


“Tractor Hacking: The Farmers Breaking Big Tech’s Repair Monopoly” Farming in 2018 involves a huge amount of technology. Unfortunatly the diagnostic tools needed to repair this technology is proprietary so farmers are unable to fix the issues themselves. Meet the farmers who are trying to change this.