Frontend Fuel - Issue 26


Chrome is clamping down on extension security.

Flexbox used on 82% of websites, Grid sitting at approximately 1%.

MDN is to start asking for financial support directly from users.

General Reading

How browser rendering works  behind the scenes.

Addy Osmani looks back at 10 years of Speed in Chrome.

A framework for web performance by Jeremy Keith.

The Complete Guide to Lazy Loading Images.

The Importance Of manual accessibility testing.


Curated collection of useful JavaScript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less.

Complete guide to the Web Payments API.


Eli Fitch - Perceived performance: The only kind that really matters. [42mins]

Wes and Scott discuss specialization vs generalization - the different ways one can be a generalist or a specialist. [Podcast, 62mins]


A short cheatsheet on how to make your site / app accessible to everyone.

An interactive flamegraph visualizer. Use it to help you make your software faster.


An exciting game of programming and Artificial Intelligence.


The Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018 / October 8-11 / London

InteractConf / October 17th / London.

View Source Conference / 26th October / London.

FFConf / November 8 & 9th / Brighton.

Pixel Pioneers Belfast 2018 / November 22-23 / Belfast

You Got This! / January 19th 2019 / London.

New Adventures Conf / January 23-25th / Nottingham

Frontend North East / April 3rd / Newcastle


Ever wonder how court reporters can keep up with blazingly fast dialogue in the courtroom and get every word no matter how fast the testimony whips by? Learn how stenography works in this 4min video.