Frontend Fuel - Issue 27


RawGit is now in a sunset phase and will soon shut down due to becoming an attractive distribution mechanism for malware.

Firefox to support WebP, leaving Safari being the only major left with no support.

GitHub releases Actions allowing you to automate your workflow from idea to production.

General Reading

Who remembers the element? Well apparently it is about to make a comeback. [!msg/](!msg/

Performance budgets. For success, embrace them and learn to live within them.

How to serve different assets depending on a users network connection.

Bad practices on birthdate form fields (see popular articles too for other form patterns).


How to write accessible JavaScript.

How to serve legacy code only to legacy browsers.

Ruby gotchas for the JavaScript developer, 8 differences that will trip you up.

A new screencast course dedicated to JavaScript testing.


What’s new in Chrome DevTools 70. [5 mins]

Marcy Sutton conducting an accessibility audit live. [45 mins]

Tim Kadlec conducting a performance audit live. [45 mins]


A tool for visualizing Execution Context, Hoisting, Closures, and Scopes in JavaScript.

Webapp to visualize various stats about your CSS.


Game Off is GitHubs annual game jam where contestants build a game based on a set theme.

Support open source and earn a limited edition T-shirt in the month of October.


Incredibly detailed demo on how a browser negotiates a TLS 1.2 connection.

Highlights from this years js13kGames.


View Source Conference / 26th October / London.

FFConf / November 8 & 9th / Brighton.

Pixel Pioneers Belfast 2018 / November 22-23 / Belfast.

You Got This! / January 19th 2019 / London.

New Adventures Conf / January 23-25th / Nottingham.

Frontend North East / April 3rd / Newcastle.


The story behind how NASA reinvented the wheel to go to the moon. [9 mins]