Frontend Fuel - Issue 28


GOV.UK Frontend version 2.3.0 & GOV.UK Prototype Kit version 8.3.0 released.

Google releases reCAPTCHA v3 in a bid to improve help detect abusive website traffic.

General Reading

Adaptive serving using JavaScript and the Network Information API.

Simplify pop-ups and modals using the HTML dialog element.

Using dark mode in CSS with MacOS Mojave (supported in Safari Tech Preview 68).

Curated collection of useful JavaScript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less.


Assistive technology tools you can test with at no cost.

A living A11Y Style Guide guide and pattern library.


Splicing HTML’s DNA With CSS Attribute Selectors.

How to stop using console.log() and start using your browser’s debugger.


Nick and Suz explore the proposed merger between the JS Foundation and the Node Foundation.

Podcast on the ideas around serverless, managed services, Functions as a Service (FaaS), micro-services, nano-services, all-the-services!


The State of JavaScript - The State of the Web with Addy Osmani [13 mins].

Demos is an audio environment where simple text commands generate lines that can play music.

A precise hexadecimal color clock. It goes the whole 24 hours color range, from #000000 to #235959.


FFConf / November 8 & 9th / Brighton.

Pixel Pioneers Belfast 2018 / November 22-23 / Belfast.

You Got This! / January 19th 2019 / London.

New Adventures Conf / January 23-25th / Nottingham.

Frontend North East / April 3rd / Newcastle.


Kurzgesagt - Why Beautiful Things Make us Happy – Beauty Explained It’s hard to define what makes something beautiful, but we seem to know beauty when we see it. Why is that and how does beauty affect our subconscious?