Frontend Fuel - Issue 29


HTTP-over-QUIC will officially become HTTP/3.

Chrome 71 will remove all advertisements for websites that show abusive behaviors.

General Reading

Simple recommendations for writing text descriptions that make a big difference.

The Web Accessibility Introduction I Wish I Had.

The Power of Web Components.

How to Create Printer-friendly Pages with CSS.


Improving Time-To-Interactive for on Desktop.

CSS is a key part of page performance. Great article explaining why and how to optimise.


What up, docs? Podcast all about documentation and how to make it easier. [54 mins]

Chrome Developer Summit

Speed Essentials: Key Techniques for Fast Websites [29 mins]

Chrome OS: Ready for Web Development [25 mins]

Building Faster, More Resilient Apps with Service Worker [30 mins]

Full playlist of all sessions.


New Interactive Web Performance Docs from Google.

Make images smaller using best-in-class codecs, right in the browser.


A 3D Emoji Town using CSS Transforms.


Pixel Pioneers Belfast 2018 / November 22-23 / Belfast.

London Accessibility Meetup / November 26 / London.

You Got This! / January 19th 2019 / London.

New Adventures Conf / January 23-25th / Nottingham.

Frontend North East / April 3rd / Newcastle.


A 17 minute video of someone restoring an old rusty deadlocked vice back into working order complete with new paint job. Doesn’t sound too exciting but it’s very therapeutic!