Frontend Fuel - Issue 3


Edge is coming to iOS soon, here’s what developers need to know.

Marijn Haverbeke, the author of the fantastic Eloquent JavaScript book is planning a rewrite for the 3rd edition and is looking for backers. I highly recommend adding it toy your reading list.

Chrome 62 brings a whole bunch of new features to play with in the DevTools. Expected to hit the stable channel by October 24th.

General Reading

SmashingMagazine held a competition to show what can be achieved using CSS Grid, here are the impressive results.

An eBook by Addy Osmani, all about image optimisation in 2017.

Rachel Andrew has a new book out all about CSS Grid. Not free but looks like it would be worth purchasing.


How to design and develop a WebVR experience.

A five minute guide to better typography.


Payment Request API is a new W3C web standard being introduced to make payments easier on a merchant website. [34 mins]

Old presentation from FFConf 2015 by Marcy Sutton on “How to win at mobile accessibility”. Worth a watch for those who weren’t there. [39 mins]


Huge amount of information about modern JS, in 1 handy cheat sheet.

Experimental Accessibility testing in Chrome DevTools. aXe Coconut includes the latest axe-core code changes for Shadow DOM, with experimental rules also enabled.

Security.txt defines a standard to help organizations define the process for security researchers to securely disclose security vulnerabilities.


Implementation of the Fast Neural Style Transfer algorithm running purely on the browser using the Deeplearn.JS library

Dropbox is rebranding and they have built a very colourful page to show it off.

Pretty examples of how Stripe handles payment inputs

Visualisation of how different sorting algorithms work


Speed Perception and Lighthouse - Wednesday, 25th October - 19:00

JS Monthly - October 25th

Libraries & Plugins

A lightweight, responsive, modern drag & drop library.

Simple library to add bubble animated backgrounds you your webpage, works using Canvas.


Ever wondered how some of the Underground stations are laid out? These 3D cutaway’s will help you visualise them.