Frontend Fuel - Issue 31


Big news, Edge is no more. Microsoft is replacing it with a Chromium based browser.

Read more about the reasons for the Microsoft change in this public gist from the Edge team.

A short reaction from the Mozilla team on the news.

General Reading

Using prototype code in production is a bad idea. Jeremy Keith explains why.

Here’s what people in tech had to say about JavaScript when it debuted in 1995.

Interesting writeup about CSS-in-JS this week after a tweet by Snookca.

Can you have too much accessibility? This article explores this point.

A new experimental feature is now available in Chrome 71, Background Fetch.


Implementing a variable font with fallback web fonts.

Everything you need to know about CSS environment variables.


Dear Developer, the Web Isn’t About You / Charlie Owen / ffconf 2018 [38 mins].


Take a dive into the recent event-stream malware attack [55 mins].


If you only need to track pageviews in GA, consider using this snippet. 1.4KB vs 50KB for the standard GA snippet.

Firefox Accessibility Inspector now shows WCAG contrast info on page inspection.

Generate markdown tables quickly with this online tool.

Very experimental, but use Puppeteer’s API with Firefox.


Dynamically Generated Alt Text with Azure’s Computer Vision API.


You Got This! / January 19th 2019 / London.

New Adventures Conf / January 23-25th / Nottingham.

Frontend North East / April 3rd / Newcastle.

Libraries & Plugins

Flow-based programming for the Internet of Things (built on Node.js).


Ever wondered how Shazam works? Well now you can find out. [10 mins]