Frontend Fuel - Issue 34


Google Play Store now open for Progressive Web Apps.

Firefox 66 to block automatically playing audible video and audio (yay!)

Apple Removes Useless ‘Do Not Track’ Feature From Latest Beta Versions of Safari.

Microsoft sets IE10 end of life for January 2020.

General Reading

What would other government websites look if they looked like GOV.UK?

Permissions API under consideration to examine a users device motion / orientation events.

HTML, CSS and our vanishing industry entry points.

Excellent article on types of modern rendering on the web.


Interested in how Chrome works? Selected talks from Google’s internal training for new Chrome developers.

Time Traveler’s Guide to Accessibility Mechanics - Léonie Watson [61mins]

Crash course in Node.js [90 mins]

Tools is a free guide to HTML.

A visual and interactive way to learn Git branching.

Chrome extension Usability Hike you can use to find common usability problems.


Codepen Challenge Canvas Times Tables (pretty patterns).


London Accessibility Meetup #23 / February 21 / London.

Up Front Conf 2019 / March 22 / Manchester.

Frontend North East / April 3rd / Newcastle.

Afrotech Fest 2019 / April 12-14 / London.

UX London 2019 / May 29-31 / London.

Pixel Pioneers Bristol 2019 / June 7 / Bristol.

Lead Developer London 2019 / June 11-12 / London.

Libraries & Plugins

Next-Generation full text search library for Browser and Node.js.


Incredible video showing how a fine art restoration in Chicago works to restore a portrait by Emma Gaggiotti. It’s like Photoshop, only older.