Frontend Fuel - Issue 4


Google is looking to add permissions to Chrome to stop in-browser cryptocurrency miners

Firebug has now reached end-of-life in the Firefox browser. Sad times :(

Mozilla has plans to grow collaboration with Microsoft & Google around the MDN Web Docs.

General Reading

Learning modern JS is hard if you haven’t been keeping up with the latest developments. This article should help bring you up to speed.

Using CSS Grid to optimise performance and accessibility on

The story of CSS Grid, 20 years in the making.

Airbnb instantly translating sketches into a finished product using machine learning.

If you are a designer who loves typesetting and numerals, there’s so much more you can be doing on the modern web.


Paint Timing API: Metrics around the browser paint process will help you spot bottlenecks and improve performance.


CSS Grid Changes EVERYTHING [32 min]


Sonar, a new linting tool and site scanner for the modern web by Microsoft.

Magnificent app which corrects your previous console command. What a great name…

349 fantastic cheatsheets written by developers, for developers

Software licences explained in plain english

A full-featured visual HTTP client. All the features you need to build and send advanced API requests


More sorting algorithms visualised, this time in gif format.


5th Cross-government accessibility meet up / London / 31 Oct

AngularConnect 2017 / London / 7-8 November

FrontEndNorth / Sheffield / 19 Jan 2018

UpFront Conf 2018 / Manchester / 16 March 2018


Impressive facial expression video showing what can be done using Maya and the Unreal engine. Uncanny valley anyone?