Frontend Fuel - Issue 42


W3C and the WHATWG have just signed an agreement to collaborate on the development of a single version of the HTML and DOM specifications.

More information from Microsoft about the upcoming stable release of Edge on macOS.

GOV.UK Frontend gets a new release which includes some new Nunjucks features and bug fixes.

General Reading

Chromium is getting a new layout engine called LayoutNG. Due for release in Chrome 76.

Firefox 67 has just been released. You can now run different FF installs side by side easily.

Deep dive into native lazy-loading for images and iframes.

Article all about the forgotten web browsers of the early 90’s.


12 tips for writing clean and scalable JavaScript.

Tutorial on the fundamentals of the Three.js library.

We’ve gone full circle. Using CSS Grid to create flexible data tables.


How to create accessible icon buttons.

Article going through the steps of creating a custom language picker and keeping it accessible.

Making websites work with windows high contrast mode.


VSCode browser preview gets the ability to inspect elements.


A list of amazing things that CSS can do!

Stunning WebGL fluid simulation demo. Works really well on mobile too.


Pixel Pioneers Bristol 2019 / June 7 / Bristol.

Lead Developer London 2019 / June 11-12 / London.

Patterns Day 2019 / June 28 / Brighton.

JAMstack Conf / July 9-10 / London.

Off-topic Teaching a neural network to drive a car. Watch how the cars learn how to drive around the track in only a ver generations.