Frontend Fuel - Issue 43


Firefox enables Enhanced Tracking Protection by default to block sites from tracking you.

As of Chrome 76 Chrome Incognito mode can’t be detected.

GOV.UK Frontend release v2.13.0 includes fixes and a new feature to override the visually hidden ‘Support links’ text in the footer.

General Reading

When should you be using Web Workers?

CSS Subgrid is coming to Firefox (See Rachel Andrew’s presentation below too).

Cake or death: AMP and the worrying power dynamics of the web.

A quick look at the first public working draft for Color Adjust Module 1.


Write HTML Like It’s 1999. Focus on HTML structure.

Building the most inaccessible site possible with a perfect Lighthouse score.


Thoughts, opinions, and advice on developer strengths and weaknesses [57 mins]

Podcast all about fonts and static site generators featuring Zach Leatherman [67 mins]


CSSconf EU 2019 | Rachel Andrew: Hello Subgrid! [32 mins]

CSSconf EU 2019 | Chen Hui Jing: Using DevTools To Understand Modern CSS Layouts [32 mins]


document.designMode is a thing. Make your whole document editable.

Firefox has an version of Firefox just for developers.

Firefox can now tell you when why a CSS property has no effect.

Puppeteer recorder is a Chrome extension that records your browser interactions and generates a Puppeteer script.


margins conference 2019 / June 22 / Nottingham.

Patterns Day 2019 / June 28 / Brighton.

Brighton Ruby 2019 / July 5 / Brighton.

JAMstack Conf / July 9-10 / London.

FFConf / Nov 8 / Brighton.


Why Chernobyl Exploded - The Real Physics Behind The Reactor [21mins]