Frontend Fuel - Issue 46

Design System News

GOV.UK Frontend 3.0.0 has been released(!) with a whole host of changes and fixes. These include a new colour palette, new optimised font and a many WCAG 2.1 fixes. See the release notes for more information of this release.

GOV.UK Prototype Kit 9.0.0 has been released with version GOV.UK Frontend 3.0.0 included:

Blog post released with an explanation around the colour and font changes in the latest releases:

Blog post released with information about the accessibility changes in the latest release:


MDN Developer and Designer Survey 2019, get involved!

Firefox are looking to improve their accessibility developer tools and are asking for details about broken websites.

General Reading

Details of the Cloudflare outage on July 2, 2019.

Browsers are pretty good at loading pages, it turns out.

How to kill IE11 - What the deaths of IE6 and IE8 tell us about killing IE.

The web can’t survive a monoculture.


Everything you need to know about CSS margins.

Google goes into the SEO basics of JavaScript.


Lawsuits by the disabled against websites spike (in the US).

Deep dive into cross-browser differences with colour inputs (a11y is bad!).

Meaning without markup: Accessibility Object Model


Improving the NHS website using the frontend library - NHS digital show and tell [60 mins]


The Fundamentals of JavaScript [44 mins]


Clever little demo, play the trombone by resizing your browser.

Visual demo of how the planet is mapped every day by the Planet teams satellites.

An experiment to create the worst “usable” user interface. Very frustrating!

Now you can have a chatroom in your DevTools console.


Future London Academy / August 12-16 / London.

SwanseaCon 2019 / Sept 9 / Swansea.

Finch Front-End / September 23-25 / Edinburgh.

Generate CSS / Sept 26 / London.

FFConf / Nov 8 / Brighton.


‘The Hum’: The Unexplained Noise 2% of People Can Hear [25 mins]