Frontend Fuel - Issue 48


Webkit has published a Tracking Prevention Policy and will treat online web tracking the same as a security vulnerability.

MS releases a beta version of their Edge browser that uses Chromium.

Google plans to remove all FTP support in the browser by version 80.

General Reading

Time to First Byte: What It Is and Why It Matters.

The history and legacy of jQuery.


Screen Reader Demo for Digital Accessibility [5mins]

Great introduction to accessibility from a design and development POV (with videos).

Reducing Motion to Improve Accessibility.

Keyboard-accessible Perf timelines now available in Edge Chromium DevTools.


How fast is your site on mobile?


Easily create a CRUD API and fill it with customized dummy-data.


How annoying is input delay to a user. Try it out for yourself.


SwanseaCon 2019 / Sept 9 / Swansea.

State of the Browser / Sept 14 / London.

Finch Front-End / September 23-25 / Edinburgh.

Generate CSS / Sept 26 / London.

Accessibility Scotland / Oct 25 / Edinburgh.

FFConf / Nov 8 / Brighton.


Day in the Life of an Average Japanese Salaryman in Tokyo [12mins] Living in Japan and working in Japan is quite a unique experience. This is a day in the life of Japanese worker, Makoto, 27 years old who lives in a Tokyo 3-story house with his family. This Tokyo salaryman works in a small Tokyo office, but spends many of his Japan working hours traveling from client to client on the Tokyo trains.