Frontend Fuel - Issue 5


Netflix removed client-side rendering using React and it increased performance by 50%. It caused a bit of a stir.

Samsung Internet 6.2 is now stable and comes with a whole host of new features. Coming soon to Android 5+ devices.

Support for the latest CSS Grid specifications landed with the release of Edge 16.

General Reading

Looking for best practices around use of node (yes, we are)? Look no further than this curated list.

CSS Grid is here to stay, but what does that mean for Flexbox?

Beautifully designed online interactive book around CSS (still a work in progress).

There’s no need for your tables to be ugly. You can make it so people actually was to read them.

Having trouble sleeping? Here’s a document for you (j/k): ECMAScript® 2018 Language Specification has just been released.

HTTP/2 is now part of node 8.8.0 core, so you can now start experimenting with it.


Deep dive into WebSockets and HTTP/2 with Server-Sent Events.

Create some digital art with this p5.js crash course.


Embarrassing moment for Microsoft where they needed to install Chrome in front of a whole conference because Azure wouldn’t work in Edge.

Podcast All about CSS Grid [1h 4min]


A list of everything you would ever want to add to your <head> element

Create and share beautiful images of your source code.

Isolated React component development environment with a living style guide

Great “Today I Learned” list that is updated everyday around Frontend programming.


Global Day of Code Retreat / London / 18 November

FrontEndNorth / Sheffield / 19 Jan 2018

UpFront Conf 2018 / Manchester / 16 March 2018

Front-end North-East / Newcastle / 5 April 2018

Libraries & Plugins

Burnside is an easy to use, modular, and extendable End to End (E2E) testing tool using only JavaScript.

Simple and modern charts for the web with zero dependencies.

Powerful server for Node.js that just works so you can focus on your awesome project.


How do you go about text input in the virtual reality? Vive have release the BRIDGE developers kit to help solve the problem.

This will bring back a few memories. The sound of dialup, pictured with explanations on what all the sounds mean. You can even buy a poster if you fancy it!