Frontend Fuel - Issue 7


A huge security issue was recently tweeted, then the guys twitter exploded. Fun times for Apple.

Skynet finally arrived when Google’s AI built an AI that outperforms any created by humans.

Google is shutting down Chrome Apps in favour of Progressive Web Apps for app-like pages.

General Reading

Pinterest created a PWA for its mobile experience. Addy Osmani gives a detailed breakdown around its performance.

Looking for a book to read over Christmas. Here are Reddit’s favourite programming books.

24 Ways is back again. Here an excellent explanation of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

How to create Neural Networks in JavaScript using deeplearn.js.


CSS Grid in 5 minutes!


Frontmatter Podcast this week featuring Kyle Simpson (author of You Don’t Know JS series).


Q&A session with Kyle Simpson around lots of JavaScript topics [1h 32mins].

FFConf 2017 videos have been released. Playlist of all 8 videos (+ previous years too).


CSS bookmarklet that reports bad html using pseudo content.

Tool for generating responsive image code (also a way to automate it using Cloudinary’s API).

Use myjson to store some JSON and serve it to your app for testing (CORS and SSL enabled).

Record and share terminal sessions quick and easily. Text based so copy / paste compatible.


Like 24 Ways only for WebGL code experiments.

Impressive Japanese directors portfolio featuring some fantastic transition animations.


Machine Learning for Muggles / London / 11 December 2017

London Accessibility Meetup #9 / London / 19 December 2017

FrontEndNorth / Sheffield / 19 Jan 2018

UpFront Conf 2018 / Manchester / 16 March 2018

RenderConf 2018 / Oxford / 28 March 2018

Front-end North-East / Newcastle / 5 April 2018

International JS Conference / London / 11 - 13 April 2018


There are always winners and losers when it comes to investment, but you have to feel for this guy who sold 1,700 Bitcoins of 22p each in 2011. Today they would be worth around 19.5 million pounds.

Ever wondered how to store your Lego? Well now there’s a whole guide on how to do it.