Frontend Fuel - Issue 8


Chrome to start blocking non-standard ads from Feb 15th.

Security issues with Intel CPU’s has been all over the news this week. More info here:

The future of jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile is a little uncertain at the moment, so they are looking for contributors.

Is Chrome becoming the new IE6 with Chrome-only websites?

General Reading

The history of the tag, from the inventor of the tag. [](

Whats new in Firefox 58 for Developers.

What’s been going on in JavaScript land in 2017? The survey of more than 28,000 developers gives an idea.

Moving from Bootstrap to CSS Grid at the New York Times.

There’s a lot more to FE Performance than minification and concatenating assets. There’s a whole article checklist here around the topic here.


University lecturer Jose Annunziato with a whole set of lectures around many web development topics.

Responsive Typography Using Modern CSS.

Gain a better understanding of how CSS layout works by reading about the Block Formatting Context (BFC).

Working with Design Systems and CSS Grid.


Rendering performance from the ground up [41 mins].

Presentation around security-sensitive situations in which performance can actually be a bug rather than a feature.

Brief explanation of the Spectre & Meltdown security issues [12 mins].


Huge checklist of inclusive design considerations.

Handy collection of CSS only loading spinners.

Looking for a new font, Input is one designed specifically for code.

Find the JavaScript array method you need without digging through the docs.

Need help setting a performance budget for your site? There’s a tool for that.

Visualise the specificity of selectors in CSS using this handy tool.


Portfolio homepage with a different design every 100px (resize your browser window).

Visual demo of how BitCoin transactions work.


FrontEndNorth / Sheffield / 19 Jan 2018

UpFront Conf 2018 / Manchester / 16 March 2018

RenderConf 2018 / Oxford / 28 March 2018

Front-end North-East / Newcastle / 5 April 2018

International JS Conference / London / 11 - 13 April 2018

Libraries & Plugins

Autoprefixer 7.2.0 brings better support for CSS Grid on IE.

Gulp 4.0 has emerged from the alpha phase. Lots of changes listed in alpha 1-3.

Another JS animation library, anime.js.


99 reasons why 2017 was a good year.