3M Nomad Matting AIR application

3M is a worldwide company with expertise in producing innovative technology. A product line they wanted to push forward was carpet tiles for internal and external use (matting). They required an interactive calculator which a salesperson could take to clients, allowing them to choose the type of matting (internal / external), colour and quantity; the calculator would then return a price depending on the options selected.

Adobe AIR was the perfect platform for this since it was both cross-platform, runs from the desktop and has the ability to auto-update. Using web-based technologies it was possible to create a fully functioning desktop application. I worked directly with the client to bring the application to life, complete with images and PDF creation.

  • Client: 3M
  • Media: AIR Application
  • Technology: Adobe AIR, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Sector: Industrial
3M AIR application initial view.
3M AIR application external calculator.
3M AIR application external view.
3M AIR application internal view.