EU NAVFOR website

EU NAVFOR is a Governmental agency that acts in accordance with United Nations Security Councils resolutions. They aim to protect the World Food Programme vessels delivering food and supplies to displaced persons in and around the Somalian coast.

The client required a website that could be constantly updatable by various people in different countries. Wordpress was the ideal solution as the main use of the website was to publish press releases and news. The homepage incorporated various ‘loops’ to display the news; as well as some custom jQuery to highlight the top four latest news articles.

I built a couple of custom sidebar widgets to display the latest press releases and news articles, as well as the front-end templates, custom Wordpress theme and overall integration.

  • Client: EU NAVFOR
  • Media: Website
  • Technology: CSS, HTML, jQuery, PHP, Wordpress
  • Sector: Government
EU NAVFOR website homepage.
EU NAVFOR website article page.
EU NAVFOR website command page.