This is My AGA

AGA is the well-known company behind an iconic range of cookers that anyone who’s anyone has in their kitchen (or so I’ve heard). AGA wanted to create an online community for AGA owners, which then gave them the ability to keep in contact with their current customer base, and hopefully entice a few new customers along the way.

I created all the front-end templates and integrated them with the very powerful Symfony PHP framework. Symfony created the JSON feeds of user data that I then used to create the Google map with all the AGA points plotted on the map, that you can see on the homepage.

Google maps only works well up to a certain number of plotted points, after that the browser becomes sluggish and unresponsive so JavaScript point clustering was implemented which solved the issues.

  • Client: AGA
  • Media: Website
  • Technology: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Symfony
  • Sector: Retail
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