Full Frontal 2009 in Brighton

6 speakers at presenting at full frontal 2009
Full Frontal 2009 - The line up

This post is slightly late as the conference was on the 20th November 2009. But better late than never i guess!

The day was very wet and rainy but that didn’t take anything away from a brilliant conference. Some great speakers there: Simon Willison, Christian Heilmann and Peter-Paul Koch(ppk) to name a few.

The two highlights for me were the very entertaining talk on ‘Optimising where it hurts’ by Jake Archibold and a great introduction to node.js by Simon Willison. It was quite a technical talk and after a long day of listening to various people present it did make my brain hurt a little. I’ve added node.js to the ‘TODO’ list of things to look at… eventually.

Hopefully there will be another Full Frontal in 2010, if there is I’ll be going again.