p01.org: Amazing Experiments using JavaScript

Some websites you come across make you sit back in and say “wow”. Stumbling across p01.org that’s exactly what I said. P01.org is a website showcasing experiments in JavaScript & Canvas by French Web Developer Mathieu Henri, who currently works for Opera. As HTML5 is becoming increasingly popular, more and more of these cool little experiments are popping up; great news for people like myself who are interested in this up and coming technology.

Mathieu’s experiments range over a wide range of areas, from photo manipulation and raytracing to fractal generation and Wolfenstein… amazing stuff! My personal favorites are the 512b JSpongy and 3D Dots Performance Test.

Experiments by p01.org
The 3D dots and 512b JSpongy experiments using Canvas

One thing that isn’t available on the website is an RSS feed for the latest releases, which is a pity as I want to add them to my Google Reader. Luckily with Web Applications like dapper.net it’s easy to create an RSS feed (plus many others) from any website using screen scraping. For anyone else who wants to add p01 to their feed reader, here’s the RSS feed I created.