WordPress plug-in: Post Thesaurus

Note: This plug-in is no longer maintained.

Over the past few days I’ve been working on a new WordPress plug-in, one that I personally have desperately needed recently. It’s called ‘Post Thesaurus’ and it does exactly what you’d expect it to do. It creates a little widget on the side of the ‘Add new post’ page which you can use to suggest new words of the same meaning.

After finding I use the word ‘great’ a little too much, I thought it was about time to do something about it. Here are a few screenshots of the plug-in in action:

Post Thesaurus before I've searched for a set of words.
Notice the widget in the top right corner.
Post Thesaurus after I've completed a word search
The widget has completed a search and populated the results panel.

Big thank you to Big Huge Labs for providing the excellent API. I’ve included an admin page with a few settings (under ‘settings’). One feature to note is the ability to enter your own API key. I’ve added this just in case the plug-in starts exceeding the 10,000 requests per day a single API key is allowed. Sign up is simple and only takes a couple of minutes, then you’ll have 10,000 requests per day all to yourself.

I’ve implemented the API using a little jQuery Ajax goodness and some JSONP. Since jQuery is used by the WordPress admin by default, there’s no additional overhead in having to add it manually.

Grab the plug-in off the WordPress site here (Version

I hope you find it useful.