Snipplr under new management!

A few months ago I wrote a blog post regarding Snipplr, and how it was annoying it’s user base. By the look of it other people noticed the severe lack of development and abundance of spam and the site has been sold to (which I must say I love the site design).

With Envato behind Snipplr hopefully it will go from strength to strength. They already have a huge number of popular sites behind them including Nettuts and FreelanceSwitch which I read regularly.

Snipplr under new management
Under new management, huzzah! There have been improvements already! (no ads!)

There’s already been activity on the Snipplr twitter account asking for feedback, so here are a few of my requests:

  • Remove spam snippets & comments.
  • Better sign-up process to stop spam.
  • Fix the export function in the user preferences.
  • Better syntax highlighting (I hate having to click plain text before copy / paste).
  • Fix the blog links from the homepage, they have never worked for me.
  • Ability to remove comment spam from your own snippets.
  • Better design… the original orange was better than the current version.
  • Fix the gigs functionality, or at least explain how it works. I’ve never had much luck.
  • Use OpenID, I hate remembering all those passwords.
  • Ability for the API to output snippets as JSON-P.

Those are all I can think of at the moment but I’m sure there are others. Really looking forward to seeing how Snipplr evolves in the coming weeks and months!