The beauty of the Mandelbrot set

In the past I’ve dabbled with fractals using the lovely HTML5 canvas element and JavaScript, so this video really caught my attention. You start with a “simple” Mandelbrot fractal, pick a point and zoom in. It all sounds so easy doesn’t it! Well that’s what Team Fresh did a few months ago, and as it says in the video description it took 2 days to setup the 6 months to render! Wow that’s a lot of render time; the results were certainly worth the wait:

As you zoom further into the Mandelbrot it becomes more and more complex. You can really tell in the last 4 – 5 minutes as it started to hurt my eyes after a while. So how far “in” did the video zoom? Only 6.066 e228 (2^760)… that’s a huge number (huge doesn’t even come close to describing it)! The size of the Milky Way galaxy is ‘only’ 1.0 e21! At times tt looks like the camera is panning across the fractal when in fact it is constantly zooming into one point. And that point is… well I think you better just read the description for the video as it’s a very long set of co-ordinates! Excellent work Team Fresh, I’ll certainly be checking the website often.