Auto Trader Car Supermarkets

Auto Trader Car Supermarkets is a site dedicated to locating supermarkets in your local area, allowing a potential car buyer to find the cheapest car deal possible. For dealers the site offers a free and premium service. With the premium service your supermarket is listed at the top of the results and extra information is displayed to the user.

The basic template design and build was fairly straight-forward but the integration work was quite tedious. I had to integrate the templates directly into the Auto Trader system (based on JSP) via a VPN tunnel to their servers. Once the changes were uploaded, the files had to be ‘touched’ using SSH for the server to recognise they had changed. Only then could I see the changes made with the live data on the system. Very good experience but the process added time to the development of the website.

  • Client: Auto Trader
  • Media: Microsite
  • Technology: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JSP
  • Sector: Automotive
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