Cantor Index & Cantor Casino

You can gamble on pretty much anything these days, and the financial market is no different. Cantor Index offers a wide range of tools to make betting on the financial markets quick and easy (and hopefully profitable).

I created a set of landing pages used to promote their online tools in a full service campaign. They were also used for client data capture for email marketing.

Cantor Casino was their exploration of the online casino market. The service was closed ‘to focus on wholesale markets with the licensing of its proprietary technology’ in November 2008.

  • Client: Cantor Index
  • Media: Landing page
  • Technology: CSS, Flash, HTML, jQuery, PHP
  • Sector: Financial
Cantor Index landing page version 1.
Cantor Index landing page version 2.
Cantor Index landing page version 3.
Cantor Index casino page.