Dead Technical Website

Digital production company Dead Technical required a new website to display their work and also had to have weblog capability. The ideal framework to use was Wordpress; with a little bit of hacking it was possible to add CMS / portfolio type features. The site included many custom widgets, used to pull in the latest London weather and the Dead Technical, and Twitter feeds.

The home, blog and work pages all used the Wordpress ‘loop’ functionality, each in a slightly different way depending on the page. The contact page included a Google Map which could be changed via the Wordpress admin page; a current tube status which made use of Yahoo! Pipes and jQuery to show the live tube updates and Redoxygen SMS updates, allowing a potential client to text the Dead Technical details directly to their mobile phone.

  • Client: Dead Technical
  • Media: Website
  • Technology: CSS, HTML, jQuery, Wordpress, Yahoo! Pipes
  • Sector: Digital online
Dead Technical homepage.
Dead Technical work page.
Dead Technical services page.
Dead Technical contact page.