MedImmune Website

MedImmune are a company leading the way in global biologics research and design, so large in fact they handle over 50% of AstraZeneca’s R&D portfolio. The website is built on the same platform as AstraZeneca, but has a more focused set of responsive modules. There are a set of shared components that are used across the platform, but MedImmune required a set of custom components to match their requirements.

It is a fully responsive mobile-first build with lazy loading and a responsive image solution built in to minimise page load across devices and breakpoints.

  • Client: MedImmune
  • Media: Website
  • Technology: Sass, Singularity, Breakpoint, Browserify, jQuery, Modernizer, Grunt, BrowserSync, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
  • Sector: Pharmaceutical
MedImmune homepage on desktop.
MedImmune our science on tablet.
MedImmune breaking new ground on mobile.