NatWest Online Banking prototype

I was asked to build a working prototype of the new NatWest Online Banking website. The new site had to use modern working practices and the latest client-side technologies to engage its users. Once the prototype was up to the required functional specification it was passed to NatWest’s own developers to develop further.

I worked closely with the Designer and the NatWest Developers to produce the working prototype, constantly adapting to changes and feedback that came from the client after each iteration. The prototype was produced using jQuery and jQuery UI; both were used to create various ‘drag and drop’, modal, show / hide toggle and animation effects where needed.

  • Client: Natwest
  • Media: Prototype
  • Technology: CSS, HTML, jQuery, jQuery UI
  • Sector: Financial
NatWest online banking prototype initial page.
NatWest online banking prototype modal page.
NatWest online banking prototype customise page.