Redwood Creek Outdoors

Redwood Creek are an award-winning wine producer based in Northern California; they required a new website to promote their ‘outdoor’ range (as you will see from the design). The site was built using the Wordpress blogging framework that I hacked slightly to make it work more like a CMS. Front-end templates, setup and integration was completed by me.

For SEO purposes any flash animation was kept to a minimum and all content was available for search engine spiders. Various animations were created using the superb jQuery JavaScript library, with all content still visible with JS turned off. The design required me to use Cufon font replacement for the headers throughout the site, this allowed the text to be updated by the client without the need to manipulate and upload images.

  • Client: Redwood Creek
  • Media: Email, Landing page, Website
  • Technology: CSS, Cufon, HTML, jQuery, Wordpress
  • Sector: Wine producer
Redwood Creek wine homepage image.
Redwood Creek wine our wines page image.
Redwood Creek wine partners image.
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