RSC prototype

The Royal Shakespeare Company’s aim is to keep audiences in touch with Shakespeare, performing plays written by the great man himself and his contemporaries. They have theatres in Stratford-upon-Avon, London and Newcastle.

I worked closely with the User Experience and Design teams to produce a working prototype that the client could see and feedback on. The prototype evolved over many iterations until all teams were happy with the final product. One main aim of the project from the outset was to avoid Flash based animation and use one of the many JavaScript libraries available. I used jQuery for various interactions and animations while still keeping the page accessible to both users and search engines.

You can see a selection of iterations below as the prototype progressed through the project.

  • Client: Royal Shakespeare Company
  • Media: Prototype
  • Technology: CSS, HTML, jQuery
  • Sector: Theatre
RSC prototype initial version.
RSC prototype version 2 start point.
RSC prototype version 2 end point.
RSC prototype version 3 start.
RSC prototype version 3 end.