Worldpay Website

Worldpay is a global leader in payment processing technology, offering a secure payment platform, accepting a large array of payments across the world. The website itself is a fully responsive build based on Drupal. In terms of front-end technologies used the grid system was, with Breakpoint used for media query management, with Grunt used for Sass compilation as well as many other automated tasks. It was an incredibly challenging build due in part to the short timelines and the sometimes quite frustrating Drupal theming limitations during the integration phase. It was built around a core set of responsive modules each with a set of specifications across the three breakpoints (small, medium, large).

I had the pleasure of working with an excellent set of Drupal developers based in Costa Rica, unfortunately I never had a chance to go over and visit them!

  • Client: Worldpay
  • Media: Website
  • Technology: Sass, Singularity, Breakpoint, jQuery, Modernizr, Drupal, Grunt
  • Sector: Finance
Worldpay homepage.
Worldpay card machine page.
Worldpay store page mobile.