There ain’t no party like a DemoJS party

Another day, another website that makes my jaw drop to my desk. This time it’s the results from the latest Mozilla Labs DemoJS party. Hosted in Paris, France over the weekend, it had many coders and artists attending hoping to win big prizes by creating interesting demo’s using the latest web technologies. I may not understand French but I’d have still attended just to see all the demos on show; some extremely inspiring coding going on.

The competition was split into two sections; 1k and freestyle. I find both interesting but as I’ve mentioned before in previous blog posts I’m always amazed at what can be done with 1k of code.

The video above is of a demo created by Silexars that came in second place. A live demo can be viewed here. All created with less than 1k of code! WebGL really is starting to come of age. As with any of these demo’s it’s so easy to copy / paste, modify and learn from them. View source is a wonderful tool.

Another demo that caught my eye was by p01 (who I’ve blogged about before. This time he created Quaternion Julia Fractal in only 550 bytes of JavaScript and GLSL! It came in third place.

Quaternion Julia Fractal by p01
All this possible in less that 1k of code.

From the freestyle section the Particles.js by basecode has completely killed my productivity today!

Nice work guys and gals! If you have a spare few minutes (hours) check out the rest of the DemoJS results, you won’t be disappointed.