Bringing HTTP/2 to GOV.UK - Resources

So at the start of February 2020 we permanently enabled HTTP/2 on GOV.UK (that feels like a long time ago now!). I spoke about this at London Web Performance, read a whole lot about HTTP/2 (and surrounding topics), and produced some work of my own in the process. Without all this, it would have been very difficult to justify the permanent change, as it wasn’t as simple as just “turning it on”.

So in an effort to help others in the same position, and to fully document the process, I’ve pulled together a post with as much information as I can remember about the work. It was inspired by Oliver Byford and his excellent ‘Inclusive forms: Anatomy of a (fictional) GOV.UK service’ blog post.

London Web Performance

My LdnWebPerf presentation and associated slides:

Internal research

GOV.UK Fixed!

Subresource Integrity (SRI)

HTTP/2 prioritisation

HTTP/2 connection coalescing

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Learning materials

Post changelog:

  • 13/07/20: Initial post published.