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All portfolio work from by Matt Hobbs

Feed dedicated to a featured set of work produced by me, Matt Hobbs.

3M Graphic price calculator image
3M Graphic price calculator project

3M Graphic price calculator

3M manufacture graphics for the side of vehicles. A calculator was required to display the cost depending on the user selections.

3M HTML email campaigns image
3M HTML email campaigns project

3M HTML email campaigns

3M require HTML emails for most of their product range and services. Here's a sample of emails I built.

3M Nomad Matting AIR application image
3M Nomad Matting AIR application project

3M Nomad Matting AIR application

3M required an interactive calculator for their salesmen visiting clients. Adobe AIR was the perfect platform for it.

3M Vehicle Wrapping image
3M Vehicle Wrapping project

3M Vehicle Wrapping

Design and build a microsite and send it to the client in less than 7 hours, very quick turn around time and a fun little 3M project.

ANYVAN website image
ANYVAN website project

ANYVAN website

Anyvan is a website where you can list your shipment and transport providers bid to move it for you, giving users a great deal.

Accelerator image
Accelerator project


Accelerator takes the stress out of creating and deploying out-of-home video campaigns.

Airparks airport parking image
Airparks airport parking project

Airparks airport parking

Airparks required a redesign and rebuild of their main website, this included lots of integration work and contact between both teams.

Auto Trader Car Supermarkets image
Auto Trader Car Supermarkets project

Auto Trader Car Supermarkets

Car Supermarkets was a small website in terms of design, but the integration work was quite complicated.

Auto Trader Emails image
Auto Trader Emails project

Auto Trader Emails

Selection of HTML emails I created for Auto Trader to be using in different campaigns.

Auto Trader landing pages image
Auto Trader landing pages project

Auto Trader landing pages

Auto Trader have had many online campaigns, landing pages are a vital part of them. Here are a selection of landing pages I built.

Auto Trader media website image
Auto Trader media website project

Auto Trader media website

Auto Trader required a website to inform people of their advertisement opportunities, fully editable via a CMS.

Cantor Index & Cantor Casino image
Cantor Index & Cantor Casino project

Cantor Index & Cantor Casino

Financial spread betting made easy, a set of landing pages to promote their powerful trading tools.

Care International Video Appeal image
Care International Video Appeal project

Care International Video Appeal

A set of landing pages created for Care International to drive users to the Brightcove video channel and donation pages.

Chevrolet email campaign image
Chevrolet email campaign project

Chevrolet email campaign

Chevrolet build cars, and they wanted everyone to know that. Lots of emails to lots of potential customers.

Cineworld - Narnia image
Cineworld - Narnia project

Cineworld - Narnia

Creating a treasure hunt for the release of the new Narnia film on the Cineworld website.

Cobra Beer - Celebrity Chef image
Cobra Beer - Celebrity Chef project

Cobra Beer - Celebrity Chef

A chance to win a top celebrity chef cook a meal in your own home via Facebook.

David Jones Live Streaming image
David Jones Live Streaming project

David Jones Live Streaming

David Jones' first live streaming event available for all fans on Facebook.

Dead Technical Website image
Dead Technical Website project

Dead Technical Website

Wordpress is an amazing framework. I used it to build the Dead Technical portfolio and blog.

Decathlon microsite image
Decathlon microsite project

Decathlon microsite

Decathlon required a mini brochure website to promote key products in their up and coming catalogues.

DesignBern Blog image
DesignBern Blog project

DesignBern Blog

Bernie required a creative design blog to note down all his crazy design thoughts!

EU NAVFOR website image
EU NAVFOR website project

EU NAVFOR website

EU NAVFOR required a website that was fully updatable; with various areas to store different information along with news and press releases.

Gambling Exclusive TV prototype image
Gambling Exclusive TV prototype project

Gambling Exclusive TV prototype

Gambling Exclusive setup a Brightcove video channel that needed integrating into their current MODx CMS.

HR Access microsite image
HR Access microsite project

HR Access microsite

HR Access required an eight page microsite built giving a brief overview of what the company specialises in.

Harvest Digital website image
Harvest Digital website project

Harvest Digital website

Creating an online portfolio for a digital company is harder than it sounds. It's much easier doing them for clients.

Heinz - Beanz Meanz image
Heinz - Beanz Meanz project

Heinz - Beanz Meanz

Heinz website inviting Australia to say what Heinz Beans means to them.

John Randle Design Blog image
John Randle Design Blog project

John Randle Design Blog

A simple, clean design for my good friend John Randle's Design blog.

M35 Data Management image
M35 Data Management project

M35 Data Management (now part of Thomson Reuters) had a brief for a corporate looking website editable via a CMS.

McAfee VirusScan landing pages image
McAfee VirusScan landing pages project

McAfee VirusScan landing pages

McAfee are one of the leading anti-virus software manufacturers. A set of attractive landing pages were required for an online campaign.

NAVTEQ - The Navigator image
NAVTEQ - The Navigator project

NAVTEQ - The Navigator

The power of Wordpress strikes again, this time for NAVTEQ with their customer news website 'The Navigator'.

NAVTEQ Customer Profiling image
NAVTEQ Customer Profiling project

NAVTEQ Customer Profiling

A fun way you can profile your current user base by filling out a 6 easy questions, and have a chance to win a Garmin sat nav.

NAVTEQ Registration Project image
NAVTEQ Registration Project project

NAVTEQ Registration Project

Capturing user data doesn't need to be boring, Youtube videos of people hurting themselves make it much more interesting.

NAVTEQ landing pages image
NAVTEQ landing pages project

NAVTEQ landing pages

Landing pages are a crucial part of any online campaign, here are a selection I built for NAVTEQ.

NAVTEQ promotional emails image
NAVTEQ promotional emails project

NAVTEQ promotional emails

NAVTEQ asked for a multi-lingual email campaign to promote their GPS map range.

NatWest Online Banking prototype image
NatWest Online Banking prototype project

NatWest Online Banking prototype

NatWest bank asked for a prototype of their new online banking design to be built, with lots of room for new JavaScript technology.

NatWest landing pages image
NatWest landing pages project

NatWest landing pages

Occasionally NatWest bank required various landing pages to be built for new campaigns and offers.

Nintendo 3DS Training Tool image
Nintendo 3DS Training Tool project

Nintendo 3DS Training Tool

Creating an internal training tool for shops and retailers of the new Nintendo 3DS.

Pinewood Studios image
Pinewood Studios project

Pinewood Studios

Front-end template build from 2006 which was then integrated into a custom built CMS.

Plan Post image
Plan Post project

Plan Post

Making an e-card application using some interesting technology. While building a prototype you really learn on the job.

RBS 10k landing page image
RBS 10k landing page project

RBS 10k landing page

Royal Bank of Scotland required a landing page to advertise their new ISA to customers, with an added chance to win £10,000.

RSC prototype image
RSC prototype project

RSC prototype

The Royal Shakespeare Company were looking for a redesign with a little added extra, enticing it's users to explore the website.

RSPB monthly email newsletters image
RSPB monthly email newsletters project

RSPB monthly email newsletters

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds sends out a monthly newsletter via email, here are a few I built.

Redwood Creek Outdoors image
Redwood Creek Outdoors project

Redwood Creek Outdoors

Redwood Creek required a new website for their latest Northern Californian wines. An unusual design that worked well with Wordpress.

Royal Blue Events Management image
Royal Blue Events Management project

Royal Blue Events Management

Royal Blue Events Management was created using FrogCMS, a superb little CMS. Happy clients and happy developer.

Shelter Housing Appeal image
Shelter Housing Appeal project

Shelter Housing Appeal

Shelter required landing pages to drive donations for homeless children as part of a full service campaign.

Spacebar Speeds Copywriter Blog image
Spacebar Speeds Copywriter Blog project

Spacebar Speeds Copywriter Blog

Every Copywriter needs a place to note down their thoughts on the latest trends in the advertising world. Wordpress is the perfect platform for it.

Tesco Emails image
Tesco Emails project

Tesco Emails

Very simple set of HTML emails I built for Tesco Entertainment and Tesco Books.

The Brooke Help Both Campaign image
The Brooke Help Both Campaign project

The Brooke Help Both Campaign

The Brooke donkey charity started their new Help Both campaign, it required a small micro-site for the full service campaign.

The Fireflies Tour 2010 image
The Fireflies Tour 2010 project

The Fireflies Tour 2010

Set up to support people suffering with leukaemia, Fireflies isn't a charity for the faint hearted.

The Yard Creative image
The Yard Creative project

The Yard Creative

Working with a quirky design is great fun, especially when you combine it with the powerful open-source CMS MODx.

Theatre in the Square image
Theatre in the Square project

Theatre in the Square

A small website build for a London based theatre group, FrogCMS is put to good use again.

Think Property Treasure Hunt image
Think Property Treasure Hunt project

Think Property Treasure Hunt

Think Property Treasure Hunt, find all the treasure on the map and win prizes.

This is My AGA image
This is My AGA project

This is My AGA

An online application to track down all AGA users and plot them on a Google map.

Tiscali exclusive deals emailers image
Tiscali exclusive deals emailers project

Tiscali exclusive deals emailers

Tiscali and Dell joined forces to create an exclusive deal for customers. A set of emails was created to inform the public.

Towergate Insurance image
Towergate Insurance project

Towergate Insurance

Towergate Insurance asked for a complete redesign of their current site, I built the templates for their Development team to integrate.

Travel Blog - So Lost Right Now image
Travel Blog - So Lost Right Now project

Travel Blog - So Lost Right Now

Travelling around the world has always been an ambition of mine. I created a travel blog so people could follow what I was up to.

Trinity Mirror celebrity prototype image
Trinity Mirror celebrity prototype project

Trinity Mirror celebrity prototype

3AM Girls Celebrity Surveillance was a prototype put together to display potential functionality of plotting heat points on a Google map.

UKIE Website image
UKIE Website project

UKIE Website

Complete re-brand of the UKIE website including content transfer.